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Accounting & Budget Management
Grupo Silva’s accounting officers and C.P.A.s will collect, organize and maintain your accounting records as well as provide budget solutions for optimal financial health.

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Financial Reports
Grupo Silva will issue accurate and fair corporate and / or personal financial statements in compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

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Tax Consulting
Our tax experts will help you navigate the intricate waters of tax compliance and structure a comprehensive plan, personalized to meet the demands of your industry, to reduce your tax liabilities and protect your interests.

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Investment Analysis
The professional advisors at Grupo Silva will painstakingly analyze the available investment instruments and evaluate securities for risk and yield to devise a sound management strategy.

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Insurance Analysis
Grupo Silva will analyze your financial situation to determine whether your insurance protection properly correlates to your ability to assume the risk of loss to ensure you are paying for the right coverage.

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Concierge Services

Grupo Silva’s Lifestyle Facilitators tend to the everyday tasks that can sum up and consume a considerable amount of a client’s valuable time. To provide the time and peace of mind that will help clients focus on their professional and personal lifestyles, our personalized services specialists look after every detail of their client’s personal needs such as:

  • Bill Payments
    Utilities (power / gas / water / telephone)
    Services (internet / cable / satellite TV)
    Property (rent / mortgage / insurance)
    Credit Cards
    Agent Fees

  • Travel Arrangements
    Ticket Purchasing
    Car Rental

  • Personal Assistance
    Special Occasion Planning and Coordination (reservations for anniversaries & birthdays / presents purchasing & delivery)

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