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as well as in the corporate world, success is the result of a collaborative effort. At Grupo Silva we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals to provide unparalleled service to our clients. Our team consists of:

Finance and Tax Advisor (FTA)
Our tax experts will help you navigate the intricate waters of tax compliance and structure a comprehensive plan, personalized to meet the demands of your industry, to reduce your tax liabilities and protect your interests.

Financial & Wealth Accountant (FWA)

Two FWAs regularly assess the financial situation of GS’s clients, monitoring the performance of their financial plans to ensure they meet the clients’ short and long-term wealth and savings goals.

Personalized Service Specialist (PSS)

Our PSS team works around-the-clock to satisfy every single need of our clients’ limited time and demanding lifestyles, anticipating any possible necessities to provide exceptional, personalized and discrete care.

Senior Administrative Specialist (SAS)

The SAS leads the GS team of professionals in perfect coordination with each and every one of them, always aware of the particular needs of their clients and focused in a single objective: their satisfaction.

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